Reiki Sessions with John LaCross ~ Reiki Master

Take off your watch and treat yourself to an hour of renewal and relaxation! From the moment you meet John, his calm clear tone puts you at ease. I have had two sessions with him that both had different purposes but had similar outcomes ~ wonderful.

John explains the steps involved in the session and makes you feel comfortable in the setting with calming music to focus on! My experience was a complete sensation of energy pulsing gently through my body from head to toe. John’s warming hands placed firmly my head and feet insured a comforting feeling.

Some new revelations for me were experiencing the presence of my family members who have passed away, a sensation of being rocked, and finally a very bright light that I could see through my shut eyes. But ultimately, I felt a lightness and general well being when I left that I didn’t come in with. I am ever grateful to have had this incredible experience to open my eyes to the power of energy healing by someone as kind and competent as John.

-Carroll G.

John is truly an amazing and gifted healer. His hands possess so much heat  during a Reiki treatment that you are able to feel the exchange of energy.  John explains how the Reiki treatment will work  and what you will experience during the session. His gentle,  kind and genuine demeanor will quickly put you at ease.  His passion for healing and helping will inspire you. I felt such a feeling of calm and peace during my session that  I feel asleep.  When my session was complete I awakened  feeling refreshed and inspired!  John helped me clear my energy channels so that I could feel more in balance and more in tune with my own energy.  He possesses a powerful gift and I highly recommend his service. I was amazed and I am confident you will be too.
-Debbie S.